What We Are Looking For

We are looking for a number of core characteristics of our applicants which we would look for in your application and on the interview day.

Commitment, Enthusiasm, Passion

A day in teaching has been likened to an actor undertaking five consecutive performances.  It is essential therefore, that prospective candidates have the passion, enthusiasm and energy to inspire the children with whom they work in order to make a difference to their lives.  At the end of your teacher training programme you will not only be a teacher of your subject specialism but a teacher of children.

A True Professional

We are looking for applicants who are willing to make a difference to the lives of the pupils they teach.  This often means working outside the school environment and beyond the traditional end of the school day.

As a trainee you will be working with a variety of stakeholders – from pupils to parents, teachers to peers.

We look for those that can build relationships quickly, valuing and respecting others to get the best out of them.


You will need to be hungry for a challenge, using patience and endless energy to persevere through the difficult times.  When faced with obstacles you will need to be tenacious and versatile and maintain a positive mindset.