How will you be assessed?

The successful outcome of this course is Qualified Teacher Status and trainees are required to build up evidence that all the Teaching Standards have been addressed and they are ready to enter their Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) year.

Evidence that they have reached this level of achievement will come from a variety of sources against which trainees will be assessed.

This will include:

  • A Professional Standards File and training plan is an integral part of the continuous assessment process, showing evidence of how you have met the Teachers Standards; provides the focus for your learning programme;
  • Termly school experience assessment reports graded against the Teachers Standards;
  • Two formally graded reports in December and May from your Subject Board Tutors based on quality of lesson observations, central training contributions and formal homework;
  • Formal Lesson Observations – a minimum of one per week and must be made available for termly and final assessment;
  • Four formally assessed professional and subject based assignments that will integrate theory and practice. These assignments must be completed and passed;
  • Teaching Files – a series of files containing, lesson plans, schemes of work and resources compiled throughout the year;
  • A Viva which in effect is a verbal counterpart to the evidence gathered to meet the Teachers Standards.