How will you be assessed?

Successful completion of the course will result in Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).  To do this, trainees are required to build up evidence to meet the Teaching Standards.  Once QTS has been achieved, you are then ready to complete the Early Career Teacher (ECT) 2 years.

Aims and Values.

Basingstoke Alliance SCITT (BASCITT) is committed to providing a structured course that is designed to give trainee teachers the necessary learning opportunities and support to enable them meet the Teaching Standards and be awarded Qualified Teacher Status.

We are committed to ensuring that trainee teachers are assessed fairly against clear and transparent criteria in all aspects of the training.  We have a responsibility to provide honest and constructive feedback in our role as a training provider.

We are committed to ensuring that trainees receive their entitlement to the Initial Teacher Training Core Content framework (ITT CCF).

You will work with your mentor using instructional coaching.  This means your mentor is always in the room with you to provide ‘in the moment’ formative feedback to keep your lessons on a positive trajectory.  They will conduct short, focused observations based around a pre-agreed goal.  Formative feedback on the goal is captured and reflected upon before identifying your next goals.  Over the course of the year, this ongoing formative assessment will ensure you meet the final summative assessment against the Teaching Standards.

To compliment this ongoing formative assessment, you will have three Professional Learning Conversations (PLCs) and write four assignments:

Professional Learning Conversations (PLCs)

At the end of each term, you will have a PLC based around the five main areas of teaching:  Behaviour Management; Curriculum; Pedagogy; Assessment and Professional Behaviours.  These are an opportunity to reflect on all you have learned and determine your next goals and are really positive experiences. 


There are three formally assessed assignments based on professional themes and subject study.  Each assignment has a maximum word count of 2500 maximum (excluding the appendices).  The assignments are designed to support your development as a reflective practitioner and demonstrate impact on pupil outcomes.  The assignments provide evidence to meet the Teachers Standards.