Equality and Diversity

At BASCITT we strive to celebrate diversity and ensure our trainees, as well as all stakeholders, feel they have the safety and space to be who they are.

Where a trainees individual need has been identified, the BASCITT offer an Individual Needs Assessment.  Members of the BASCITT team, together with the placement school mentor and SCITTCo meet with the trainee, discuss areas for support, discuss strategies for support and implement any reasonable adjustments.

This is a journey, and we always welcome suggestions on how we can be even more inclusive.

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Click Here to read ‘What it means to be a diverse educator’ written by Chloe Roberts, English Trainee Teacher and also published on NASBTT (National Association of School Based Teacher Trainers) website.

Click Here read ‘The link between Kintsugi and being a neurodiverse teacher’ written by an Art & Design Trainee Teacher.


What have we done so far?

September 2022:  Trainees asked to conduct diversity walks in their placement schools and get a sense of the inclusivity and celebration of diversity.

September 2022:  Trainees shared their diversity walk experiences in central training session.

September 2022:  Trainees and ECT’s invited to attend LBGQT+ Beginner Teacher network session exploring the concept of professional identity.

June 2022:  Trainees invited to attend Diverse Educators Event Hosted by Hannah Wilson on Saturday 11th June 2022.

May 2022:  BASCITT trainees and staff attended Gendered Intelligence Training.  Staff within partnership schools also invited and attended where available.

May 2022:  Trainees signposted to NASBTT Episode 1 of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion podcastsPride & Progress, DisabilityEd, Black Men Teach, MixEd, Men Teach Primary, WomenEd.

March 2022:  Trainees signposted to Chartered College of Teaching event ‘Why our curriculum needs to be LGBT+ inclusive and how we do it.

January 2022:  Programme Director attended part 2 of the DEI Masterclass

January 2022:  Trainees encouraged to conduct a diversity walk around their new placement 2 schools.

January 2022:  Optionally anonymous open form survey set up for trainees to capture ‘real time’ any concerns around DEI.

January 2022:  Trainees sent testimonials/video education from Diverse Educators so they can hear stories from others with protected characteristics.

December 2021:  Feedback indicated that trainees would like training around transgender/gender reassignment.  Programme Director booked Gendered Intelligence for 9/5/22. Programme Director extended training invite to all partnership schools to send any member of staff.

November 2021-May 2022:  All trainees attend Dove House School Academy for 1 week SEN placement.

November 2021:  Programme Director attended Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Masterclass part 1.

November 2021:  Trainees all surveyed to gain an understanding of whether they feel their differences are celebrated, and what further training they would like so they are able to celebrate diversity amongst their students.


What are our next steps?

Embed diversity walks, commenced September 2022.

Investigate ‘red card’ resources to tackle racism.

Act on feedback from open form.


Equality Act 2010