The one year programme runs from September to July with 80% of trainee’s time in school developing those essential skills where it counts… in the classroom and 20% at central training held in a partnership school where trainees will receive theoretical sessions covering both specialist subject knowledge and professional themes.

The programme covers:

  • Three day induction period during July and August prior to the start of the programme;
  • Three substantial periods of teaching experience across the 11-16 age range, within two schools;
  • Close integration of theory and school placements through taught sessions and linked school-based tasks;
  • Teaching of subject knowledge and pedagogy;
  • Training and school based experience in the phases immediately before and after the focus key stages the training covers to develop an understanding of the continuum of education. This will include a short primary and post 16 placement;
  • Study time allocated to allow trainees to conduct educational research and to prepare and complete school based tasks/assignments.

The Special Educational Needs element of the programme is delivered through a minimum of 20 hours central training on SEN to all our trainees and then facilitates the deployment of this knowledge during school diversity placements when trainees will be able to experience, observe and participate in the teaching of children with SEN within a specialist environment. It enables trainees to develop a SEN specialism which will provide an excellent knowledge base for employment both in mainstream and special school environments.