Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance the life chances of the local community and beyond by providing high quality training to the teachers and leaders of the future ensuring the pupils of tomorrow have access to outstanding provision.

Aims and Objectives

The Basingstoke Alliance SCITT’s Aims and Objectives provide the goals and purpose of the training programme.

  • To provide high quality training that remains at the forefront of the latest pedagogical thinking;
  • Develop a lifelong learning model for both trainees and teachers within The BASCITT to support on-going professional development which will incorporate a particular focus on mentoring, coaching and collaborative coaching;
  • Utilise the very best practice within the local community to inspire and guide trainees;
  • Provide schools within the Alliance with outstanding NQTs to ensure pupils have access to outstanding local education.
  • Attract suitably qualified and motivated graduates who demonstrate high potential to undertake a programme of this nature;
  • Prepare trainee teachers to meet the professional challenges which they are likely to encounter throughout their careers;
  • Enable all trainees to meet all the standards set out in the ‘Teachers Standards’ at a good or outstanding level through providing training and mentoring of the highest quality;
  • Offer ITT training in a wide range of schools offering the experience of different teaching and learning styles;
  • Train highly professional and reflective teachers who are fully versed in practical experience, based on educationally sound and effective research and theory;
  • Trainees have a commitment to continuing their own professional development and demonstrate qualities of reflection and confidence irrespective of professional context;
  • Ensure that all school based trainers are effectively trained, so as to give the best possible support and guidance to their trainees;
  • Develop a SEN specialism which will provide an excellent knowledge base for employment both in mainstream and special school environments.