School Direct

"School Direct offers the experience of a school from the start, making teaching a far less daunting prospect."

"You are able to embed yourself into the school more than you would on a traditional placement, and therefore build stronger relationships with pupils and teachers that will help to improve your teaching."

This sense of belonging is something which underpins the School Direct experience. As a School Direct trainee, I have access to the full spectrum of school life. At a basic level, this means that I attend meetings, assist with a form, perform duties, and teach classes. On a training level, however, this means that I have access to a whole range of opportunities for professional development which I can use to enhance my training experience and my future employability."


School Direct Tuition

route is for high-quality graduates who want to be part of a school team from day one. You may be eligible for a bursary of up to £28,000 to support you while you train (depending on subject and quality of degree). If you have a degree but less than three years' full time work experience, you could apply for the School Direct (tuition) route. In this route, you would pay for the course through student loans in the same way that you funded your degree.


Subjects offered and UCAS course code                             

• Biology - 37XK

• Chemistry - 37XL

• Design and Technology - 2ND6

• English - 2ND2

• Geography - 2ND7

• History - 38L8

• Mathematics - 2ND4

• Modern Foreign Languages - 2RDW

• Physics - 2RD7

• Religious Studies - AW38


School Direct (salaried) Training Programme

(salaried) is an employment-based route for high-quality experienced graduates with at least three years’ work experience. You will earn a salary while you train. By taking the School Direct (salaried) route you will already have a good degree and three years of full time experience in the workplace. If you are successful with your application for a place at one of our schools, they would employ you as an unqualified teacher for the duration of the course. You would pay no fees.


Subjects offered and UCAS course code                             

• Biology - 2ND8

• Chemistry - 37XM

• Design and Technology - 2NCY

• English - 27SN

• Geography - AW34

• History - AW90

• Mathematics - 2ND5

• Modern Foreign Languages - AW36

• Physics - 38L9

• Religious Studies - 2RDN

What does the training look like?

NB The structure and training is exactly the same as you would experience as a core trainee.  Refer to Core Training and Assessment Process tab for further details. 

Expectation to employ

If you complete either of the two School Direct routes, there is then an expectation that you will be employed by either your main school or by one of the schools from across the partnership.

Partnership Schools

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